What to expect from Bauer Wildlife & Pest Solutions 

When you contact Bauer Wildlife you can expect to talk with a professional, knowledgeable, trained Wildlife Biologist dedicated to providing you quality wildlife and pest control solutions. Below is a general outline on what to expect when contacting Bauer Wildlife.

  • The process starts with a phone call to Bauer Wildlife LLC to discuss current problems/concerns such as noises, sightings, damages, or offending odors. This information will help us in determining what kind of animal we are dealing with.
  • Discuss on the phone what to expect when we arrive at your home including a full home inspection, trapping, repairs/exclusion, sanitation, and maintenance to protect your home going forward in the future.
  • Once we arrive at your home we will conduct a full home inspection. We will thoroughly inspect all accessible areas from the attic to the basement or crawl space. We will be looking for signs of animal and insect intruders including entry points and signs of damage like chewed up wires or damaged duct work.  This is very common when dealing with raccoons, squirrels, and all other rodents.
  • With our trained eye, we will be able to quickly evaluate and assess what animals or insects have taken up residency in your home.
  • Your biologist will then provide a detailed proposal and general timeline on how we will deal with your unique problem from start to finish.
  • We will answer any questions and provide any details needed.
  • We will start work that day!
  • You will always be informed and kept up to date on the progress of job from start to finish regarding trapping, repairs/exclusion, sanitation, and estimated time of completion.
  • At Bauer Wildlife LLC we only use quality exclusion material to seal entry points such as galvanized wire mesh, concrete, and metal where needed to perform quality repairs and keep out unwanted guests. We take pride in our work/repairs and once completed you will never know an entry point was once there.
  • When dealing with an insect infestation you have to remember that it will take your help in solving the problem and not be fixed overnight. In some circumstances it will take multiple treatments to bring the problem under control and regular treatments going forward in the future to make sure they don’t return.
  • After all animals are trapped and repairs are completed, sanitation can be performed to remove remaining traces of animals from accessible areas (e.g., pheromones, scent trails, latrine sites, odors, etc).
  • Once trapping and repairs are completed, all animals will be gone and your home will be secure once again.

Wisconsin Areas Served:

At Bauer Wildlife we service the greater Milwaukee area, Fox Valley / Fox Cities, Appleton, Green Lake, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Minocqua, Door County, Wisconsin Dells, Southern WI, Central WI and Northern Wisconsin areas with pest control and live trapping.