Animal Removal Services in Wisconsin

At Bauer Wildlife LLC we can help with virtually any type of nuisance wildlife or pest problem. Most commonly, we deal with squirrel, rodent and raccoon removal in attics and outdoors.

Below are a few other animal trappings we handle:

  • rodent prevention and control inside buildings and homes
  • dead animal carcass removal both inside and outside a home
  • bird problems and bird rescues in residential and commercial settings
  • snakes, reptiles and amphibian removal as allowed by state and federal regulations
  • skunks, opossums, and groundhog removal from under decks, sheds or any outdoor structure.

If you have a wildlife or pest problem that does not quite fit into one of these categories, please contact us. There is no problem we are unable to handle. We take pride in providing solutions to unique and challenging problems!

We service from Milwaukee, Fox Valley and surrounding areas.